Fossil Fuel Tenements in Australia

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Fossil fuels are big business in Australia. The country is the largest exporter of coal globally and, while oil reserves are diminishing, is set to become the largest exporter of liquid natural gas (LNG) by 2020. Exploring for and extracting these commodities requires significant areas of land. Onshore and coastal mining and petroleum activities are regulated by state and territory governments, while offshore petroleum activities in Commonwealth waters are administered federally. No single, up to date, government dataset exists covering tenements in all jurisdictions. Therefore, it is challenging to gain an overview of fossil fuel related leases across the whole country.

Energy and Resource Insights has filled this information gap. By aggregating and standardising tenement data from eight different regulators, a national dataset has been produced. This provides a unique and comprehensive overview of the extent to which the fossil fuel industry’s activities cover Australia today. The spatial data associated with this analysis is available via an interactive map.